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Product Line
OKADA PROJECTS products increase performance, reduce emissions, and enhance the fuel economy of your car, motorcycle or any other high performance ignition application.
  Plasma Direct      Plasma Direct (PAT)
A Revolution in Ignition Technology! The Plasma Direct technology is built in to the coil over plug system, used on many modern cars like BMW, Audi, VolksWagen, Honda, Totota, Subaru, Mitsubishi and many more.
All your need to do is change the ignition coil to one of our perfectly fitted replacement coil and you are DONE.

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  Plasma Booster Plasma Booster (PAT)
Upgrading an ignition system on modern cars can be a challenge: "Does not fit, Engine check light comes on, Misfire and so on.......
Not any more:
The Plasma Booster is EASY to install, works on almost all distributor, waste spark and coil over plug systems.
Available for 1 to 8 channels to fit your application, it is your choice.

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  Plasma Spark Plasma Spark (PAT.P)
The Plasma Spark is the Spark Plug Boot (Socket) specially designed and developed to work as a secondary amplifier.
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  These spark components are responsible for engine efficiency, torque and power. And of course fuel usage and pollutants are also influenced.
OKADA PROJECTS has developed a line of IGNITION products that offer increased performance, while at the same time are environmentally friendly. All of our products will increase thermodynamic efficiency of any spark ignited internal combustion engine.These products are not just for performance enthusiasts. All components utilized in manufacturing OKADA PROJECTS products are of the highest quality. Each product is repeatedly tested to help insure optimal results and superior reliability. By combining all OKADA PROJECTS products, the "Ultimate Plasma Spark" can be created.
--When it comes to developing premium spark energy...we have the Ignition Solutions.--
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