What Is Plasma V Plus?

Plasma V Plus is specially designed and developed for motorcycles to increase input voltage to the ignition coil, stabilize it and generate ideal sparks in all driving situations. This strengthening of ignition systems increases combustion efficiency and allows engines to perform to the best of their ability. All our products are made in Japan with high quality, reliability and safety unrivaled in the industry.

Product Features

Plasma V Plus increases the primary voltage up to 16 volts and stably generates ideal sparks throughout the entire RPM range.

The voltage value can be set a preferred mode by switching modes.

M1: During idling 15.5V, driving 15V

M2: During idling 16.5V, driving 16V

Plasma V Plus is a perfect fit for a small space.

In case of failure, the vehicle can be restored to ordinary functioning with the required safety module.

Operation Analysis by Oscilloscope

Stable Primary Voltage Without Noise

Ideal sparks can be generated by optimizing the primary voltage into the ignition coil.

[Stock coil]

[Plasma V Plus]

Advanced Rising Point of the Secondary Voltage

Normally the ECU causes a slight time lag between the ignition timing and the current which actually flows into the ignition plug. Since Plasma V Plus can advance the rising point of the secondary voltage, ignition timing closer to the ideal can be achieved.

[Comparison of Secondary Voltage]


Power/Torque Increment

Quick Responce

Stable Startability

Carbon Residue Decrement


Compatible with
Plasma Direct

LED Loaded

Power Check by a Chassis Dynamometer

*The results depend on an operational enviroment.


The following wires and terminals, for up to 4 ignition coils, are included. *Mounting tools do not come with the package.

Vehicle Compatibility

Plasma V Plus is compatible with transistor ignition type engines with up to 4 ignition coils except for the following.

  • Automobiles
  • Vehicle batteries other than 12 Volts
  • Non-genuine ignition coils
  • CDI ignition type engines
  • Igniter built-in engines (e.g. HONDA Gold Wing)
  • Transistor ignition type engines with more than 5 coils
  • Twin Spark engines (In order to install Plasma V Plus, 2 sets of them are required.)

Example of Installation

The installation method differs from that of a direct ignition type engine. Wire machining is required to install Plasma V Plus on a direct ignition engine. Make sure you look through the User's Manual below before purchasing.

Plasma V Plus User's Manual (PDF in Japanese)

[For 2 Coils with Ignition Plug Cords]

Optional Wire Harness for Direct Ignition Coils

With the wire harness, no wire machining is necessary. Simply connect to the original ignition coupler. For more details, refer to the User's Manual below. *The required harness is determined by the type of motorcycle.

Optional Wire Harness User's Manual (PDF in Japanese)

Product Package

Caution When Using Plasma V Plus

  • The service life of the ignition coils and plugs may be shortened by installing the product.
  • Do not install the product near equipment which can be interfered with by thermal influence.
  • Do not ever use in wet conditions, or if there is a danger of splashing with water. It can cause shorts and electric shocks.



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