What Is Plasma Spark?

Plasma Spark is a spark plug boot (socket) specially designed and developed for SUBARU, which has an additional electrostatic capacitance, providing intense sparks at a microsecond rate and increasing ignition energy. All our products are made in Japan with high quality, reliability and safety unrivaled in the industry. Plasma Spark is also OBD II (On-Board-Diagnostics) compliant. Installation is easy. Simply replace the stock boots with our Plasma Spark Boots and all done!

Product Features

Plasma Spark generates intense sparks at ultrafast speeds, with a faster flame front and quicker light-off of the mixture kernel to complete combustion.

Increment of the initial discharge current brings immediate torque up from the low/middle RPM range and lets the engine ramp up smoothly to the high RPM range.

Compatible with our Plasma Direct. It synergistically produces its effect while maintaining the voltage at the high RPM range by working together with Plasma Direct.

Plasma Spark is made to a specific application. Please check the Application Chart below to find the correct model for your vehicle.

Operation Analysis by Oscilloscope

Sixfold Amperage Increment for the Initial Spark Discharge

By suppressing the voltage and volume load lowering, misfiring can be prevented.


[Plasma Spark]

Highlights of the Unit

Super High Strength Silicon

To prevent leakage due to high voltage, high-strength silicon is used as the insulating material (rubber). It is also superior in heat resistance, flame retardancy and weatherability.

Wide-Width Spring

The plug terminal top is covered in a loop shape to increase the contact area of the spring. The increased current flows smoothly, and prevents contact failure or corrosion due to low contact pressure.


[Plasma Spark]

RoHS Compliant Metal Material

The core conductor is made from an environmentally friendly metal material which is RoHS (Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical Equipment) compliant. The material is also coated with a flash gold plating to enhance conductivity.

Specialized Ground Bracket

Plasma Spark exerts its effect by grounding. The bracket grounds itself with no risks of effects such as being short-circuited by engine throb during driving, as can be seen in ground wires. Of course, the bracket is never an impediment when you install Plasma Spark.

Product Package


For a 4-Cylinder EngineFor a 6-Cylinder Engine
Plasma Spark Main Units× 4× 6
Ground Brackets× 4× 6



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