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Okada Projects, an innovator in the field of Ignition Systems for modern internal combustion engines, has released its newest product, the Plasma QUAD PAC. Four pieces of Coil-Over-Plug ignition coils and an electronic control system replace the original OEM waste spark system for the Mitsubishi EVO 8,9 and other vehicles. Extensive testing has proven that Plasma Quad Pac delivers extreme high voltage individually adapted to the need of each cylinder under high turbo pressure load conditions.Plasma Quad Pac comes with 4 coils, an electronic control unit and complete mounting and wiring harness parts. All wires are “plug and play”; no cutting is required; just install and enjoy the extra reliable horse power and increased torque with no misfire under high pressure load.

Compared to the original Mitsubishi waste spark system, secondary spark voltage is increased by 30%. Increased spark current allows higher boost pressure without misfire. Four individual Plasma Direct Coils will bring the spark energy directly to the spark plugs and the engine will perform well to the highest RPM.

Plasma Quad Pac is a reliable Okada Projects quality product and fits Mitsubishi EVO Models 4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

Plasma Quad Pac is fully compatible with all other Okada Projects Ignition Parts.

Plasma Quad Pac is made to a specific application.
Please check Application chart to find the correct model for your car.

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